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It was the year 19-whatevah-the-fuck

And you were reading this with delight

The Ad-Lib Almanac
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It was the year 2004.

A new community was started in which to reflect on past years' events, absurdly and incorrectly. The children slept soundly in their beds to the music of System Of A Down, and in the distance was heard a bugler blowing taps to the awakening Cricket Fantasy Campers.

Fellow Historians / Bullshitters, Unite!

Because he who forgets History
is bound to repeat it, senior year.

Come watch as we rip history a new asshole.


* Add IWTY to your friend's list or e-mail me to apply.  Membership subject to admin's approval, but most will be accepted.

Guideline #1: Entries should always start with "It was the year [blank]". What's in the blank doesn't always have to be a number, but it should never be something like "that my cat died" or "that I lost my virginity", because if it is I will hunt you down and boil the flesh from your bones. Subject lines can be whatever you please.
Guideline #2: Entries should continue on in something (at least vaguely or abstractly) resembling the style of an announcer, if only because it amuses me to no end.
Guideline #3: The Comments/Message Boards should be used primarily (though not solely) to continue and elaborate the main entry as ridiculously as possible.

A prize will be given each month< for the best contribution other than hereboy's.

A Tip: If you go to Google Images and type the name of the year you're posting about, and/or "portrait", you will doubtless find suitable illustrations for your post.

Now sock em' to me!!!

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