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1962: Invention of Live Journals

It was the year 1962.  Live Journals had just been invented in an MIT mens' room stall, and all the world was rushing to their local computer dealer to ask what the heck a computer was, and whether he had one that would squeeze into their town's baseball stadium.  (Baseball being a very popular sport at the time, though we don't see it around much any more.)

Here we see a few early live journalers 'posting' to their 'weblogs'.  Though the Internet had not been discovered yet, they enjoyed punching holes in cards to record their current moods & musics, inserting wires & cards into slots & sockets to their pre-sexual-revolution hearts' delights, as the huge, screenless, soulless machines chunked & whirred & beeped & clicked & buzzed sympathetically at their whining, moaning, arguing and grandstanding.

As the huge reels of electronic tape that recorded these early entries disintegrated to dust immediately upon their discovery and opening in an abandoned, locked dumpster behind a Princeton, NJ Quik Chek, not much is known of the live journal communities, ancient emoticons and message board etiquette of the early 1960's — not to mention the collected electronic journals of H.L. Mencken which were believed to be recorded on them — but since each letter took nearly 100 hole punches, each card 30 holes, and each entry 3 attempts due to the frequently shattering glass-encased pressurized transistors, it is assumed that the entirety of the era's text amounts to as little as one of today's "FWD: funny jokes!" e-mails.
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