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It Was The Year 1919

It was the year 1919.  The sense of taste had just been invented in a Syracuse laboratory, and pastry chefs the world round were enjoying a new appreciation for their work, hence the now-ubiquitous phrase "selling like hotcakes."

Asparagus and brussel sprouts were outlawed by a newly-elected government consisting entirely of precocious, politically idealistic eight-year-olds, whose enormous groundswell of support from both parties had stemmed from the popular theory that they were too young to have been tainted by Bolshevism.

Coincidentally this is also the year that brought us the flavored condom.  The first shipment was produced in a small motel room in Lindherst, New Jersey by George F. Hornblatt with scissors, surgical gloves and a vat of melted candy canes.

His slogan for the product, "You'll both feel dandy / With her mouth full of candy," reflected the moral tone of the times and caught on big with a newly taste-conscious public, and people young and old laid back in blissful deliriums, marvelling at all that science had brought them.
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