Captain Gingersnap (hereboy) wrote in itwastheyear,
Captain Gingersnap

1945: Invention Of Food

It was the year 1945. Food had just been invented, on a little farm in Tuskogee, Oklahoma that had previously just grown... older.

Millions of hungry people flocked to the stores in droves*, filling their carts not with detergents, paper towels and ointments this time, but with cornflakes, and peas, and cornflakes mixed with peas, which were all that were available at first. Unfortunately, the invention of recipes would come only 50 years later with the resurgences of bellbottoms and dropping acid.

The people of this great world of ours went to bed with full bellies for the first time in history, and dreamt that someday there would be something called breakfast to greet their mouths when they woke up.

* - the rest were dead or babies or both
This entry is dedicated to Naas, who I made it up to over the phone.
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